Interested in self-sufficiency? Knowledge about our local plants, animals and architecture? Exploring environmentally friendly options for your home? Permaculture design? Community building? Gardening advise? Want to gain hands on practice and learn new skills? All this and more is on the menu at The FOLC Farm!


We will have a variety of classes on the weekends and occasionally on weekday evenings. These include 1-2 hour information sessions to full day hands-on workshops. Dates, times, cost, and childcare options will vary so please keep up with the course calendar and FB page for updates. Interested teenage children can attend with parents. 

 Homesteading & Wilderness Skills

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What to expect and what to bring


Camping and Lodging for the course duration (PDF)

Home Construction and Projects

Examples of course offerings:


~Natural building and environmentally friendly architectural design for Florida 

~Navigating the Florida building codes for environmentally friendly and/or self-built homes

~Building structures with natural and recycled materials for permanent use and temporary shelters: cob, wattle and daub, earthbag, timber, palm, chickees, living roofs, emergency shelters

~Natural and recycled material home projects: clay tiling, mosaics with scrap tiles, rock walls and floors, paper bag floors, bottle art embedded in walls, earthen plaster walls, earthen plaster design and reliefs, how to find and use recycled materials in the home 

~Composting toilets and waste management, gray water recycling, rain catchment systems, solar and alternative energy, passive solar design

Outdoor & Landscaping Projects

Examples of course offerings:

~Florida gardening 

~Permaculture design principles

~Moving beyond grass lawns! Florida friendly landscaping for edible, medicinal and ornamental plants

~Wild edibles in your yard

~Making and maintaining raised garden beds

~Recycled hardscaping: using recycled materials to create walkways, patios and other outdoor spaces

Homesteading and Wilderness Skills 

Examples of course offerings:

~Animal care: chickens, goats, building coops, animal fencing

~Prepping and preserving foods: canning, dehydrating, fermenting

~Sewing, knitting, crocheting

~Natural homemade candles, detergents, soaps, deodorants, lotions, bug spray

~Herbal medicines

~Plant identification, foraging

~Survival skills: emergency shelters, navigation and signaling, creating fire, finding water and food

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